How To: Video

January 07, 2021

How To: Video

Avoid Dye Migration and Shrinkage on Sublimated Polyester Bags

The challenge: Sublimated duffle bags prone to dye migration, and nylon straps that shrink when heated over 260°F (127°C)? This is a double whammy.

Sublimated substrates tend to "bleed" when heated over 275°F-280°F since the dye they contain turn from a solid to a gaseous state and "migrate" trough the ink. Complicate that with nylon straps that were prone to shrinkage at temperatures over 260°F, and now what?

Watch how you can conquer both issues in this how-to video. Kieth Stevens shows some tricks and tips to create durable prints while keeping the cure temperature at a low 255°F (124°C) to help mitigate dye migration and shrinkage of the straps.

Products used in this demo:
Guardian Gray™ 7043 -
Catalyst 900 -
Poly White 741 -

Guardian Gray™ 7043 is part of our FlexCure™ line of inks which offer a ‘flexible’ curing range, from a low 275°F (135°C) to a standard 325°F (163°C). For more information about our FlexCure™ products, visit or go to our regular website at

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