Youth Midweight Pigment Dyed Hooded Pullover

Pigment Black
Pigment Maroon
Pigment Slate Blue
Pigment Alpine Green
Pigment Sandstone
Pigment Light Blue
Pigment Mint
Pigment Pink
Pigment Yellow

  • Our Youth Midweight Pigment Dyed Hooded Pullover has individual and unique vintage character we accomplish during our full garment dyeing process. Made with ultra soft cotton/polyester blend fleece in an assortment of amazing colors, these garments are as comfortable as they are eye catching. We use premium ring-spun cotton to achieve a smooth and stable fabric surface for printing. Completed with our quality construction, jersey lined hood, and 1x1 ribbing at cuffs and waistband in a standard youth fit.

    Please note:
    • Pigment dyed garments can be printed with regular plastisol ink. Always test pigment dyed garments prior to production. A poly blocker base can be used to avoid any dye migration.
    • Pigment dyed garments do not discharge.
    • *The main thing to be aware of when printing on Pigment Dyed Garments is the possibility of dye migration as well as unwanted ink (pin holes, finger prints, etc.) cannot be blown out and removed with spot remover guns.
    • Spot remover guns will remove the pigment dyed color on the garment as well as often leave a ring on the garment.

    • 9oz (300 gm) 80% cotton/20% polyester blend
    • ring spun cotton
    • 100% cotton 30 singles face yarn
    • jersey lined hood
    • split stitch double needle sewing on all seams
    • twill neck tape
    • 1 x 1 ribbing at cuffs and waistband
    • standard fit
    Please note:
    • The pigment-dyeing process gives each garment unique character. Please allow for slight color variation in production and washing.
    • Care Instructions: Due to the nature of pigment dye, loose pigments may remain on the surface of the garments. We therefore strongly recommend washing these garments only with like-colored garments, as some of the pigment dyes may stain light or white colored garments in the wash cycle.
    • Washing the garments in cold water will reduce the possibility of staining.


What is it about Pigment Dye that makes it so popular?

Pigment Dye is popular for its vintage/washed and worn look. It looks like your favorite old sweatshirt from years ago. This washed look makes screen prints really pop, and gives a really unique fabric look, and color palette that can’t be mimicked.

Pigment Dye Detail

What makes Independent’s Pigment Dye different?

Pigment Dye is different in many ways:

The first major difference is a Pigment Dye garment It is made in different steps than a normal sweatshirt. Traditionally a sweatshirt fabric is knit, rolls of fabric are dyed to color, then cut, and sewn into a sweatshirt. For Pigment Dye however, fabric is knit, cut & sewn into a (“PFD” Prepared For Dye) sweatshirt, then Pigment Dyed to color as full garments.

The second major difference is Pigment Dye is different than a regular dye. Normal reactive dye bonds chemically to the yarns and won’t change. Pigment Dye however coats the yarns in the fleece fabric, but isn’t chemically bonded. That’s why you see variation in how well the pigment dye covers the yarns. The large panels get good coverage, and the seams and other high spots on the garment get less coverage. These highs and lows make for some beautiful textures, and color variation making each and every garment unique and individual like the wearer themselves.

Can you describe the Pigment Dye process?

Pigment Dye garments are traditionally 100% Cotton. Our Pigment Dye Hoodie is 80% Cotton/20% Polyester. The face yarn is 100% Cotton for printability and the interior yarn is 60% Cotton/40% Polyester. We’ve added Polyester to the interior for softness and stretch. We also added an enzyme wash to give it a super soft feel.

Pigment Dye is not an exact science. We developed our Pigment formula after years of trial and error. Our unique formula has an ideal blend of color saturation and washed out look that we could come up with. It is a fine line, too washed out or not washed out enough. The PRM1500Y colors are just right.

Is Pigment Dye a lasting trend?

Absolutely. Pigment Dye is making a comeback now, and having the PRM3500, PRM4500, & PRM1500Y in stock is making it more accessible, but we’ve been making Pigment Dye garments custom for 30+ years. Pigment Dye was popular before us, still is, and we think will always be popular for apparel.

Pigment Dye Color Palette

What inspired the color palette?

Our Pigment Dye color palette is geared towards resort wear, summer colors.

Pigment Dye Unisex Fit

What is the fit on the PRM4500?

For the PRM4500 we went for a Unisex fit. Pigment dye sweatshirts traditionally have been a mens fit traditionally, but have been popular for women to wear as a baggy boyfriend fit. So we went for a unisex fit to be a standard fit for men and slightly oversized for women. We recommend women order a size down for a good fit.

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